Severe Weather in the North East 1901-2010

Another page imported from my Ferryhill Weather website. These are some examples of lesser-known extreme weather that have been experienced in County Durham and the North East area of the UK. Some of them were short lived, and in some cases occurred in isolation against the rest of the seasons.

Severe and Extreme Weather in the North East of England 1901-2010

27-28 December 1906 Snowfall
A severe gale, accompanied by thunderstorms, swept Eastern Scotland and North East England. 35-45cm of snow fell in upland parts of Durham and Northumberland.

21-30 January 1910 Snowfall
Heavy snow with drifting affected NE England with level depths widely over 30cm (53cm at Wearhead in the Pennines) Several lives were lost and there were heavy livestock losses.

merrington road ferryhill january 1910frozenriverwear
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