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Strike Alert Personal Lightning Detector


Whether golfing, playing team sports, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, you sometimes have to be out in the world when a storm’s on the horizon. With the palm-sized Robic Strike Alert, however, you’ll at least have a 40-mile head start if and when lightning starts striking. This clever, intuitive little device provides early warning of lighting in the area, via an audible alarm and LED strobe. Small and impact-resistant, it clips to your golf bag, belt, or wherever you’d like to keep it, to keep you safe.

The palm-sized device can detect lightning strikes up to 40 miles away. Features Audible alarm sounds and corresponding LED light illuminates lightning strikes at distances of within six miles, six-to-12 miles, 12-to-24 miles, and 24-to-40 miles Indicates if lightning strikes are approaching or moving away Small and impact resistant, clips to your belt, backpack or golf bag Low power consumption; up to 100 hours with two AAA batteries Simply depress power button to check lightning strike distance, track storm direction, or view battery life.



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