Netatmo Weather Station (Indoor Outdoor)

The NetAtmo Weather Station is a great favourite of mine and is the one I use at my personal weather station in Durham to run this site.

The NetAtmo design is super slick, with the units finished in brushed grey aluminium. Unlike a lot of weather stations, these would look equally at home in a study or office, as well as the lounge, fitting in with any modern decor.

NetAtmo weather stations are easily configured through a mobile phone app, which can be downloaded for free. Firstly, the Master unit is attached to the mains (this is the only bit that needs to be plugged in), then the other sensors are linked up to it.

In the basic package is a Netatmo base station and a remote sensor. Additional sensors can be purchased, including a NetAtmo Raingauge and a NetAtmo Anemometer. The mobile units are powered by batteries and they last an exceptionally long time. I have the Raingauge and it correlates really well with a local official Met Office reporting station.

I can thoroughly recommend the NetAtmo kit if you want a simple stylish weather station for your desktop.



UNDERSTAND YOUR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT: indoor / outdoor temperature, humidity, air quality, indoor noise levels, barometric pressure

RECEIVE REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS: use your Weather Station to customise indoor and outdoor alerts and get notifications on your smartphone. Ventilation alerts will tell you when it’s time to air out your home

ACCESS YOUR DATA REMOTELY: easily access all your weather data from your smartphone, tablet or computer

ANALYSE PAST READINGS: review your data history to understand what happened while you were away or use graphs to understand weather trends

FORECAST THE FUTURE: check seven-day weather forecasts to make sure you’re wearing the right gear for your outdoor activities

ELEGANT FRENCH DESIGN: gone are the days of those ugly-looking weather stations; the Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor is a stylish addition to your home

EASY INSTALLATION AND FREE APP: your wireless Weather Station is easy to setup via Wi-Fi and the app is free to use for life

JOIN THE NETATMO COMMUNITY: share your weather data with your friends and use our Weathermap to compare your data to information collected by our connected weather station community

RAIN GAUGE, WIND GAUGE AND ADDITIONAL INDOOR MODULE: add accessories to your Weather Station to gain insight into your outdoor environment or monitor different rooms in your home

CONTENTS: wireless outdoor sensor, indoor sensor, USB cable and USB wall plug, wall mount for outdoor sensor and two AAA batteries

Why You Need a Home Weather Station
Use a home weather station to monitor your environment, both inside and outside your home, or install one in your greenhouse to help you keep an eye on the conditions in the garden. Home weather stations can bring you all sorts of data on the prevailing conditions: temperature, humidity, time, moon phase, wind speed, rainfall as well as air purity and co2 details.

Home Weather Stations for Homeowners, Gardeners, Farmers or Schools

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