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Froggit DL5000 Wireless Thermometer with Data Logger

Froggit DL5000 Wireless Thermometer with Data Logger

Features: full colour TFT display, up to 8 thermo-hygrometer wireless sensors (battery operated: 2x AA 1.5 V – not included), temperature measurement, relative humidity, heat index, dew point, radio clock, SD card slot (please note: the micro SD card is not included – Micro SDHC up to 16 GB for data analysis (csv file), protection in case of power failure, free combination display of channels (personal assignment possible – see description), display of a clear graphic for all 8 radio sensors (temperature, heat index, relative humidity, dew point), clear menu guide, calibration function, input with max.& min. values (temperature, relative humidity, heat index, dew point), input an alarm for the temperature and relative humidity, extensive PC evaluation, programming, adjustment software box contents: DL5000 base station, 1x thermo-hygrometer wireless sensor, USB cable for PC connection, DC adaptor (power supply), user manual in German / English.


  • DL 5000 data logger thermometer, includes 1 thermo hygrometer wireless sensor. The DL5000 weather data logger leaves nothing to be desired. In its price range, the DL5000 is the only weather data logger that can be connected with up to 8 thermo-hygrometer wireless sensors.
  • The DL 5000 has a high-quality full-colour TFT display on which all relevant data is displayed. There is a detailed graphic for temperature, dew point, heat index and relative humidity for all connected thermo- hygrometer wireless sensors. You also have a display of the time and date. You do not need to enter the time because it has a radio clock. In addition, there is a display of wireless sensors which you can set yourself.
  • You can choose which channels are displayed permanently. Not only that! You can freely determine temperature, heat dew point and relative humidity. For example: you want to see the temperature of wireless sensor 2 and the dew point of wireless sensor 5 for channel range 2. No problem! The screen then shows the temperature of wireless sensor 2 and the dew point of wireless sensor 5 every 3 seconds.
  • You can also calibrate all sensors and enter max/min values for temperature, relative humidity, dew point and heat index and set an alarm for temperature and relative humidity. In addition to all these functions you have the possibility to use a micro SD card. This is important, because with the micro SD card inserted, your data is protected against an unpredictable power failure! Not only that!
  • You can export your data in csv format using the SD card. In addition to the SD card slot, the DL5000 also has a comprehensive PC software with numerous functions: Date/time – programming: display settings – alarm settings – export/graphic/data from SD card – sync the date/time from the PC. All settings on the display unit are mirrored to the PC and can therefore be performed comfortably on the PC.


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