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Barigo Regatta, Ship´s barometer / thermometer brass


‘The barometer used for for the measurement of air pressure.The scale is, as in these devices usual in English.The Dell ‘Air pressure is measured in Europe HECT scal (hPa).These values can be read on the outer scale exactly.The barometer is the true value not as interesting as the change.If the barometer “increases” or “is” and consequently then moves the hand direction “Stormy is or direction Fair very dry it is and the time is beautiful.Fest covered, if the barometer increased or decreased is can be with the help of the stell needle.To simply each reading to the stell needle coincide with the hands and look to the next, you see if the barometer increased or decreased.

  • Brass body
  • Polished
  • Beautiful, precise technology
  • Effect Maritime
  • Diameter of 100 mm scale



Barigo Regatta, Ship´s barometer / thermometer brass


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