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Barigo Regatta, Ship´s barometer / thermometer brass

Barigo Regatta, Ship´s barometer / thermometer brass


The Barigo Regatta barometer is used for for the measurement of air pressure. The scale is in English. The Air pressure is measured in Europe in hectopascal (hPa). These values can be read on the very clear outer scale.

The Barigo Barometer’s strength is its clarity. Reading and interpreting barometric readings is easy on this unit. The face is clearly marked as Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair and Very Dry. In the lower half of the dial is a thermometer indicating the temperature in both degrees celsius and fahrenheit.

The Barigo Barometer/Thermometer would look good on any wall.


  • Brass body
  • Polished
  • Beautiful, precise technology
  • Effect Maritime
  • Diameter of 100 mm scale



Barigo Regatta, Ship´s barometer / thermometer brass

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