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  1. Rob Ingleby says:

    Very impressive site Dave and love all your photos. Hope you had a nice walk. Say hi to Deb
    Regards Rob

    • admin says:

      Thanks Rob, it was a really good walk out. The weather was superb and the colours were absolutely gorgeous. We did about six and a half miles altogether and only stopped for one cup of americano and a sandwich. Some of the cloudscapes were immense, especially earlier in the day. We should do it more often as a lot of the woodland is just across the road from us. Durham is a fantastic place to live.


  2. Rob Ingleby says:

    Stunning sky Dave, you could start selling photos like that?

    • admin says:

      Thanks. It was like that all over the North East. I saw several similar photos posted to Facebook soon after. Everything lit up a salmon colour, but it only lasted about 5 minutes. 🙁


  3. admin says:

    This is a really superb book. I wish it had been published when I first set up my weather station. There are lots of pitfalls when trying to get the right site for the instruments, but Roger Brugge covers them all to make sure the data you record is accurate and representative.

    Everything else in the book is an amateur observers dream, even down to the equipment directory at the back. If you are thinking of setting up your own weather station, this is the best book for you by far. If the question isn’t answered in this book, it’s not worth knowing.

    Buy this before you buy any equipment as certain kit is better in certain places.


  4. admin says:

    Weather at Gilesgate 27th Oct 2018

    The cold spell has started and after rain overnight from the North, the morning of 27th has opened with sleet mixed in with the rain. Very cold looking and we are going to Newcastle today. There was lying snow visible on high ground to the west.

  5. Michael Taylor (Andy) says:

    Very Good weather site and the more people know about James Madden’s, Nathan Rao’s and Piers Corbyn’s appalling forecasting accuracy the better.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Andy,

      I like to inform the general public in a truthful, realistic way, not a totally false, deceiptful and sensationalist way that other forecasters seem to use.


  6. Rory Handy says:

    This is great Ang will be super exited by this,she is Durham born and Bred and strangely enough a bit of a weather too

    • admin says:

      Hi Rory/Ang, always great to connect with local people! As you’ll see from the website, i’ve been a bit of a weather ‘freak’ since the mid-70’s and it’s my passion. Looking forward to talking in the future as we’re often in Claypath Deli.


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