Exclusive content for Durham Weather supporters

Exclusive content for Durham Weather supporters

Hi there.

The Eagle-eyed of you will have noticed a pop-up box lurking on the site, inviting you to sign up.

This clever little thing allows me to annoy uncomitted visitors, but also rather cunningly it allows me to provide ‘members only’ content to people who support me by signing up.

Running a website on a voluntary basis is unlikely to make me rich, but if I can make you feel special  while giving you exclusive content then I think it’s worth the trade.

This is what I intend to do here at Durham Weather. I’ll be providing exclusive content as a member service from January 2021. For example, I’ll post slimmed-down weather summaries for non-members, but if you want the daily details of the month’s weather at every month end, i’d like you to become a member to see it.

I’ll also be posting other exclusive content for members only, i’ll keep you posted on this. As well as this, I also intend having a prize draw to win a Youshiko weather station for one of our members.

How much will I charge for this?


Just click the button when it asks you, leave your email address and i’ll give you a little members only attention.



Why You Need a Home Weather Station
Use a home weather station to monitor your environment, both inside and outside your home, or install one in your greenhouse to help you keep an eye on the conditions in the garden. Home weather stations can bring you all sorts of data on the prevailing conditions: temperature, humidity, time, moon phase, wind speed, rainfall as well as air purity and co2 details.
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