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Durham Castle at Halloween 2018

Durham Castle in the sunshine on the last day of October 2018. The weather was crisp and quite calm after a cold night before. The Castle is used for some ceremonies and houses Durham students during term time. It can be hired privately out of term.

picture of durham castle from beside the river wear

Durham Castle and the River Wear, Halloween 2018

Snowfall from Dipton, near Consett 27th October 2018

Some snow fell on the highest parts of our region yesterday as snow showers peppered the Northern half of the country from the unstable Arctic flow. Dipton, nr Consett saw about 3” of snow. Dipton is about 800ft above sea level. Here’s a couple of photos from GeordieKev, posted to NetWeather Forums. The Consett area is one of the snowiest urban communities in Britain, according to Professor Gordon Manley. My own site in Gilesgate got nothing more than sleety rain.

GeordieKev’s Weather Station is at


picture of Snowfall in Dipton, nr. Consett 27th Oct 2018

Snowfall in Dipton, nr. Consett 27th Oct 2018

picture of Snowfall in Dipton, nr. Consett 27th Oct 2018

Snowfall in Dipton, nr. Consett 27th Oct 2018

Autumn colours shining through, October 2018

picture of debs striding out into the countryside around durham

Debs strides out into the countryside

picture of durham cathedral with the foreground lit

Durham Cathedral with foreground sunshine

picture of threatening dark clouds over durham

The clouds look threatening, but really weren’t

picture of people in a canoe on the river wear

Getting landlubbers ready for a paddling session

picture of trees with autumn foliage beside the river wear in durham

Fantastic autumn colours from the riverbank

picture of a fisherman on the river wear under a tree that is reflected in the water

A fisherman on the River Wear

picture of the riverside path beside the river wear with lots of people walking

The riverside path was quite busy in places

picture of my favourite allotment door which is tilted in a hedge

My favourite allotment door in the whole World!

picture of the repaired bankside after the landslide in pelaw wood

The repaired bankside after the landslip in Pelaw Wood

picture of the old father time windvane on top of the bandstand in durham, with blue sky to the background

Old Father Time weathervane on top of the Bandstand

picture of the durham cow statue next to the river wear in durham

The Durham Cow rests in the sunshine

picture of rowers beneath the autumn foliage with baths bridge over the river wear

Rowing beneath the Autumn foliage and Baths Bridge

picture from pelaw wood showing a highly coloured tree in the valley

Deep in Pelaw Wood, view from the Bridge

The height of summer, July 2018


July 2nd 2018. The height of the summer. This view shows Old Durham Gardens, just to the East of Durham City. We were in the middle of a long dry spell, where no rain fell at all for about 3 weeks. (21st June – 15th July).

The dry spell broke with thunderstorms and heavy rain on 16th July. A total of 27.8mm of rainfall was recorded.


A cracking Spring day in May 2018. From Prebends Bridge

picture from prebends bridge showing durham cathedral

Durham Cathedral and The River Wear from Prebends Bridge

A gorgeous day in May 2018. View from Prebends Bridge looking towards Framwelgate Bridge. It was the precursor of a fantastic summer. The Durham Cathedral tower work continues, still shrouded in it’s protective covering. The stonemasons are replacing weathered stone blocks at the top of the Main Cathedral Tower, as they have become dangerous.

Prebends Bridge washed away in November 1771


The previous Prebends Bridge was washed away in a catastrophic flood on 17th November 1771. It was a storm that proved fatal to many North East bridges on both the Tyne and Wear, as well as many smaller tributaries.

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