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More autumn colours in Durham, back in GMT again

The first day after the clocks returned to GMT was glorious early on, with bright cold conditions. Another walk by the riverbank shows the autumnal colours.

picture of a tree silhouetted against the background taken from pelaw wood

Majestic tree silhouetted in the bright morning sun.

picture of a panaromic view across the river wear from pelaw wood

Panoramic view from Pelaw Wood


Path through Pelaw Wood

Wildlife on the river

Durham Cathedral

Autumn colours shining through, October 2018

picture of debs striding out into the countryside around durham

Debs strides out into the countryside

picture of durham cathedral with the foreground lit

Durham Cathedral with foreground sunshine

picture of threatening dark clouds over durham

The clouds look threatening, but really weren’t

picture of people in a canoe on the river wear

Getting landlubbers ready for a paddling session

picture of trees with autumn foliage beside the river wear in durham

Fantastic autumn colours from the riverbank

picture of a fisherman on the river wear under a tree that is reflected in the water

A fisherman on the River Wear

picture of the riverside path beside the river wear with lots of people walking

The riverside path was quite busy in places

picture of my favourite allotment door which is tilted in a hedge

My favourite allotment door in the whole World!

picture of the repaired bankside after the landslide in pelaw wood

The repaired bankside after the landslip in Pelaw Wood

picture of the old father time windvane on top of the bandstand in durham, with blue sky to the background

Old Father Time weathervane on top of the Bandstand

picture of the durham cow statue next to the river wear in durham

The Durham Cow rests in the sunshine

picture of rowers beneath the autumn foliage with baths bridge over the river wear

Rowing beneath the Autumn foliage and Baths Bridge

picture from pelaw wood showing a highly coloured tree in the valley

Deep in Pelaw Wood, view from the Bridge

The height of summer, July 2018


July 2nd 2018. The height of the summer. This view shows Old Durham Gardens, just to the East of Durham City. We were in the middle of a long dry spell, where no rain fell at all for about 3 weeks. (21st June – 15th July).

The dry spell broke with thunderstorms and heavy rain on 16th July. A total of 27.8mm of rainfall was recorded.


Durham Weather on the road – Iceland trip 2017

Durham Weather went on the road in March 2017 for a trip to Iceland. The highlight of the trip was the Golden Circle drive up to Gullfoss waterfall. Not surprisingly, it was incredibly cold!

We also visited Geysir where hot springs and bubbling mud pools are regularly interrupted by the erupting Guysers.

Iceland is an incredible place for anyone interested in how Planet Earth works. It’s highly recommended for a visit, but it’s a bit expensive. 😏

90% Solar Eclipse – 20th March 2015

A 90% Partial Solar Eclipse was visible in the North East in March 2015. There was a lot of cloud, but the eclipse could clearly be seen. The peak of the eclipse was around 9:30am. The main noticeable thing was a marked drop in temperature and the birds began to roost, thinking it was dusk.

Here’s a video taken in Spennymoor, from the Durham Telly YouTube channel

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