TFA CO2-Messgerät “Air CO2ntrol Life” with Thermo/Hygro

TFA CO2-Messgerät “Air CO2ntrol Life” with Thermo-/Hygrometer


The Air CO2ntrol Life thermometer/hygrometer with traffic light display measures CO2 concentration, temperature and relative humidity. The CO2 monitor provides important information on air quality in enclosed spaces.

Easy-to-use and reliable room monitor with alarm function.

  • To measure the concentration of CO2
  • Large display showing CO2 content, relative humidity and temperature
  • Also suitable for public spaces such as schools, offices, auditoriums, hospitals, etc.
  • Simple LED traffic light display for air quality (green up to 800 ppm, yellow up to 1200 ppm, red over 1200 ppm)
  • LCD backlight to make it easy to read the display in the dark
  • Buzzer alarm over 1200 ppm
  • Mute button
  • Warm-up time: 2 minutes
  • Light
  • Wall hanging/stand

Box contents:

  • Air CO2ntrol Life CO2 monitor
  • Instructions (cannot guarantee these will be in English)
  • Power supply
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