Mingle Instruments THB367 Outside Weather Station

Mingle Instruments THB367 Outside Weather Station


  • Measurement of humidity, barometric pressure, trend forecast, own measurement

Product description

Outdoor weather station SUNARTIS THB367 with thermometer, hygrometer and barometer. Weather station with stainless steel case. The weather station has a diameter of and is 4 cm high. The thermometer measuring range is -20 ° C to 50 ° C and the hygrometer measuring range is 0% to 100%. The barometer measures from 980 hPa to 1040 hPa / 740-780 mmHg. No batteries are required for this product.

Why You Need a Home Weather Station
Use a home weather station to monitor your environment, both inside and outside your home, or install one in your greenhouse to help you keep an eye on the conditions in the garden. Home weather stations can bring you all sorts of data on the prevailing conditions: temperature, humidity, time, moon phase, wind speed, rainfall as well as air purity and co2 details.

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