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picture of Framwellgate Bridge, Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral

Durham Weather : Framwellgate Bridge, Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral

These pages are dedicated to Durham Weather and Durham Weather Photography. I have been interested in the weather here in Durham ever since the hot summers of 1975 & 1976 and I started recording it in a little notebook whilst still at school in Ferryhill, Co Durham. Since then, i’ve tried to maintain my weather records although several moves of house (now settled in Durham City) and a trip to college have made them a little sporadic. I befriended Helen Goldie and Professor Tim Burt who ran Durham University Weather Station at Potters Bank in the city and began swapping observations.


In the late 1990’s the automated weather station came onto the market and I bought one for myself. It was a Davis Weather Station. This I still regard as the best weather station on the market. It cost me an arm and a leg back then, but it helped me avoid disappearing into the garden at ungodly hours of the day to read the weather instruments and allowed a measure of the weather to be done a lot more accurately than the old home made screen, or the thermometer screwed to the doorframe. It allowed me to automatically upload my observations to my website, which got me on the World map!


Since 2014, as I said, I have relocated to Durham City, where the climate is a little bit different. It’s lower in altitude and closer to the coast. It’s also a city rather than a town, so more built up. This makes a difference as gardens are more sheltered, so temperatures can be modified a bit, but it also leads to more gustiness in windy weather as there are more building to disrupt air flow. I have a page dealing with the typical climate of the North East here.

picture of netatmo equipment used to measure the weather at my durham weather station

Durham Weather Site uses Netatmo equipment for it’s Weather Station Meaurements

What weather station do I use now?

The weather station setup I have at the moment is by NetAtmo. Everything is connected wirelessly. I record temperature and rainfall, but not windspeed and direction as I don’t have anywhere to mount the sensor in a meaningful position. The modules log automatically to a website and all averages are calculated for me. It’s a neat little system and not too expensive to own. The sensors are battery operated and the batteries last ages, although I did have a battery problem when I first got the kit.


If you want to see the data from the weather station at Gilesgate, as well as all the other stations in the NetAtmo Weather Network, please take a look on the Live Weather Map page.


Content of the Durham Weather website

I’ve built up quite a library of Weather related photos over the years, which i’d like to present here if I can. There’s photos of clouds, flooding, sunrises/sunsets, snow, sunshine and nature. I’ll try to write a little about each one and schedule them as if they were posted at the time of occurrence.


I’d also like to display weather themed photographs submitted by our viewers. Please note we’d require accurate timings and locations of any submissions. We’ll give full accreditation for any photos we feature. Please contact us if you are interested.

Ferryhill Website Archive

In addition to the Durham data i’m collecting now, I’ve also ported over the data from my old Ferryhill weather website. I was at my previous Ferryhill location for 18 years and have records from the end of 1999 up until 2011.


Ferryhill is about 6 miles due South of Durham City and slightly higher in elevation. I always got a good correlation between the Ferryhill data and that collected by Durham University Observatory, which I regularly reference in my posts here.

The monthly summaries are visible on the Ferryhill Archive page.


Bonacina/O’Hara Snowfall Analysis

This is a continuation of the Snowfall catalog developed by Leo Bonacina. It has been augmented by me with information from additional sources and brought up to date (the original only covered 1875-1975). Each winter has been classified as ‘Little’, ‘Average’, ‘Snowy’ or ‘Very Snowy’  and colour coded, depending on the amount of snow and how generally it fell. I have continued this series and extended it to the present day, trying to categorise each winters snowfall in the same way. See the Bonacina/O’Hara Snowfall Anaysis page here.


The Durham Weather Shop

We have a little shop set up here at the Durham Weather website. We typically carry books about the weather so people can learn more about Meteorology and how it works. There’s also a selection of Weather Stations that you can buy if you fancy setting up your own system and starting to observe. Access The Durham Weather Shop.

4 Comments to Durham Weather – Historic and Notable Weather in Durham City, UK

  1. Rob Ingleby says:

    Very impressive site Dave and love all your photos. Hope you had a nice walk. Say hi to Deb
    Regards Rob

    • admin says:

      Thanks Rob, it was a really good walk out. The weather was superb and the colours were absolutely gorgeous. We did about six and a half miles altogether and only stopped for one cup of americano and a sandwich. Some of the cloudscapes were immense, especially earlier in the day. We should do it more often as a lot of the woodland is just across the road from us. Durham is a fantastic place to live.


  2. Rory Handy says:

    This is great Ang will be super exited by this,she is Durham born and Bred and strangely enough a bit of a weather too

    • admin says:

      Hi Rory/Ang, always great to connect with local people! As you’ll see from the website, i’ve been a bit of a weather ‘freak’ since the mid-70’s and it’s my passion. Looking forward to talking in the future as we’re often in Claypath Deli.


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